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For some people the whizzing and banging of fireworks are part of the fun, but for others, particularly those with auditory sensitivity, sufferers of PTSD or pet owners who’s animals get confused, nervous and stressed, the fireworks season brings with it a stressful few months.
There are of course a few coping mechanisms available such as playing music to drown out and distract from the sudden noises, or making sure doors and windows are closed during organised local displays, but with fireworks being so readily available to buy, and it is becoming a growing trend for private parties to have a display, it’s not always possible to be prepared.
It’s well known that pets have more sensitive hearing than humans (can you hear a dog whistle? Do you know when there’s a squirrel in the tree 100ft away? Your dog does) and loud sudden noises have lead to suffering from acoustic stress with symptoms ranging from nervousness to tremours and cardiac problems.

So what can be done to help?

A few years ago it was reported that a local government in Italy legislated that citizens must use silent fireworks as a way of respecting their animals, which is a massive way forward in changing attitudes, not only for pets but for humans as well.
Although there is as yet no legislation in the UK, fireworks companies were keen to follow this excellent example by providing noise free alternatives for personal use and are now widely available for purchase.
Some of the UK companies we could find are below and the great news is that they all speedy delivery options which will allow you to use them at your bonfire displays as well as any St Andrews Day, Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Epic Fireworks
Jordans Fireworks
Dynamic Fireworks
Galaxy Fireworks
If you are outside the UK a quick Google search of “soundless fireworks” will bring up suppliers near you. Please be aware that as most fireworks will contain gunpowder some will be listed as “quiet” due to their elimination of large bangs but may not be completely silent. Please check the descriptions before buying.
For advice on firework safety check out the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents firework safety guidelines.

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