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Thanks to stage hypnotists, there are many myths surrounding what actually goes on during a hypnotherapy session.

In actual fact, we frequently self-hypnotise throughout the day as we enter daydreams and short trance like states so it is completely normal. All your hypnotherapist will do is assist you in maintaining that state; and ask questions or make suggestions relating to the issue you have chosen to have the hypnotherapy for, that will rewire the consciousness.


  1. I’m strong minded so hypnosis won’t work on me.

It is assumed that those who are weak minded are those who are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. It’s actually more likely those who have a strong imagination, who are creative or stubborn willed that will be successful subjects.

  1. I’ll disclose too much information.

Professional hypnotherapists are not there to manipulate your into disclosing anything against your will. They are there to open up your own awareness of what has been going on around you, perhaps make sense of a situation or a behaviour that has been causing confusion. You may learn things that you didn’t consciously know before, but a memory has been brought back and so that it can be of benefit.

  1. I might get stuck in a hypnotic trace.

Hypnotherapy is a way of relaxing your consciousness but you are always fully conscious. You are always able to come out of the trance should you wish. The state of relaxation often means that the hypnotherapist will be the one who brings you around to full awareness either at the end of the session or if you appear to be becoming distressed.

  1. I’ll be triggered forever.

If you’ve ever watched a stage performer who has made their volunteer bark like a dog or flap like a chicken this fear is understood. But its all part of the act and once the subject is brought back to full awareness, the hypnosis is over, there is no need to worry about falling back into trance or embarrassing yourself.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t lose control and are always able to bring yourself around to awareness of you want or need to.

  1. Hypnotherapists are magic.

They wish!

Stage performing hypnotists are often billed as magicians as they fall under that category of entertainment. Professional hypnotherapists are trained as medically recognised clinicians that are a branch of psychotherapy. They don’t have special powers, but they do have years of training, impeccable professional standards to uphold and a lot of satisfied clients, so that can often be seen as magic.


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