For those who are familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work promoting the teachings of Abraham you may also be familiar with the concept of a Focus Wheel.

For those who are not, or who are new to the concept, the focus wheel is a way of focusing your mind in order to develop clarity on a particular subject.


What is it used for?

The focus wheel is a law of attraction exercise that you can do daily or whenever the need arises to raise your vibrational frequency and attract more positive energy to you, and more specifically around a subject that may have been having doubts.

How does it work?

Well in simple terms you are creating a wheel of positive or encouraging beliefs about a subject that needs to gather more clarity. It’s creating a wheel of positive thoughts so that you will feel better about the subject and then attract more positive thoughts to you.

You can create a wheel yourself by following these simple instructions:

(If you would prefer to download a template you can find Arvind Singh’s downloadable template HERE)

full focus wheel - arvind singh - Joyous source

  • Get a largish sheet of paper and draw a circle around the outside, as large as you can on the paper.
  • Draw a smaller circle in the middle, and then a slightly larger circle around that.
  • Using the format of a clock place the numbers 1-12 around the circle and then draw lines to create each segment.
  • Now you are ready to begin filling it in…
  • In the middle circle, write in a few words describing the issue on which you need some clarity
  • Now think of a positive thought surrounding the issue
(You want to make this thought as believable and correct as possible. If you are worried about money and state “I am a millionaire” you will feel the untruth and that will not create a positive vibe you are looking for, so if you need to, make the though as general as you need to. You may even consider saying something like, “I like it when I find pennies on the street” and then work up from that.)
  • As the positive thoughts pop into our head, write them down on the focus wheel in each segment.
If you start to get stuck, keep going, don’t give up. Read aloud the statements you already have and eventually more positive thoughts will come.

By the time you have 12 positive statements read them back, several times if necessary, and feel the positivity of reading them.

You may feel better after only a few statements, but keep going, you want to build the momentum by finding more and more positive thoughts.


Then once you start to feel better about your subject, cross out the original negative or confused statement and write in the surrounding inner circle a statement that positively captures your subject

You can keep your focus wheels in a safe place and read them often but we would definitely recommend creating new wheels on a regular basis as this keeps the positive thoughts flowing to you and embedding the positive feeling deeper than just by reading them.

For a clearer video of focus wheeling and a visual example, check out THIS VIDEO by Arvind Singh and if you are a listener to Abraham and Esther Hicks then you may want to listen to some of the focus wheel recordings available on YouTube and from the seminar recordings available on their website:


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