Give your bedroom a Fung Shui treatment

A Feng Shui blog by Katie Weber

Beds are one of the most energetically-packed pieces of furniture in our homes. We sleep in them every night, having dreams both sweet and worrisome. Our sick days are often spent in bed, and of course, our closest, most intimate relationship is spent — and symbolized — by a bed. Over time, those soft sheets, comforters, pillows and mattresses absorb a lot of emotion, like tears when we’re upset, joy when we’re cuddling close together, or worry as we lie awake at night unable to sleep because of something on our minds we can’t let go of. These reasons illustrate the many ways a bed absorbs all kinds of energy. It also explains why it’s a good idea to clear your bed and bedroom from time to time. Some of the most significant times to do a clearing of your bed include: Illness Arguments Lack of intimacy Loneliness Death Divorce or breakup Sadness Spates of bad luck No love relation…
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5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast with Katie Weber

We are delighted to see that Katie Weber from the has now started bringing her knowledge to us via Podcast. JOIN KATIE WEBER FOR HER ALL NEW! 5 MINUTE FENG SHUI PODCAST   We all want to improve our lives, right? Whether it’s more money, more love, better health, we just want….more. And we want it to be good. What if things are already great? Who says it can’t be better still. Katie Weber has been publishing the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui e-Zine for over 17 years, and now she’s bringing all her tips and easy to implement ideas to a brand new podcast. Listeners will hear about ways to improve their love lives, their finances, including bringing in more money to their lives, and how to create a life and lifestyle they love. You’ll love her fun and active style!

There’s no boring “Zen-ness” kind of feng shui around here. Oh, no, Katie loves to bring some zing to feng shui.


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Energy Vampires – Feng Shui tips for managing relationships that drain you

A blog by Katie Weber,

A major cause of happiness or unhappiness is often from the the relationships in your life, or the type and kind of people you are around most. The relationships that are giving and caring, feed you and fill up your heart, giving you energy and positive, good feelings. The ones that don’t, frequently drain you and leave you feeling like you’ve been bled dry like a vampire with their energetic fangs stuck in your neck.

It’s important to know that all interactions are simple exchanges of energy. Some give you energy and others drain your energy and emotions.

Those relationships are the energy vampires, people who are stuck in their negative energy and only derive joy out of bringing others into their well of pity, self-loathing, complaining, or drama.

And almost everyone knows someone like that.


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The Feng Shui Body Clock | Time and your Zodiac sign, Physical and Emotional meaning

By Kathryn Weber of

Everyone has a body clock. We know that because most of us are wired to sleep when it’s dark and wake up once the sun rises. Feng shui also has timing and rhythm as well. These times are typically tied to your astrology sign — and your health.

Timing, such as in Chinese Medicine, is associated with your body and emotions.

For instance, if you wake at certain times of the night, it’s possible that you have a health problem tied to that time. You may also have times during the day when your energy slumps. This, too, could be tied to a physical ailment or emotional disturbance.

It’s also possible that you wake up during the time of your zodiac sign, as these are typically times that are auspicious for you. As an example, if you’re a tiger zodiac sign, you may wake up between 3-5 am. This is the two-hour window that belongs to the tiger. All signs have a two-hour pe…
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Our lives need no judgement

Our lives need no judgement a blog by Nahla Summers

I am one of those weird people that loves times of uncertainty.

The possibilities of where the world and my actions could take me. I am always keen to be in control of my life, as far as we are able to that is. It makes me considered in my planning and subsequently allows me to be pretty risk adverse through doing my research before hand. I guess that's why I am a coach.

So when life suddenly changes I have a plan B, C and D in my back pocket.

Although for some people this constant change and variety of life is something to be fearful of. They enjoy the security of one place and choose not to travel and rather enjoy the comfort of home. That also is admirable. I have always been adventurous, no-one could stop that in me, being controlled be work, partners, friends, family to control y…

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Demystifying Hypnotherapy

Thanks to stage hypnotists, there are many myths surrounding what actually goes on during a hypnotherapy session.

In actual fact, we frequently self-hypnotise throughout the day as we enter daydreams and short trance like states so it is completely normal. All your hypnotherapist will do is assist you in maintaining that state; and ask questions or make suggestions relating to the issue you have chosen to have the hypnotherapy for, that will rewire the consciousness.

  I’m strong minded so hypnosis won’t work on me.

It is assumed that those who are weak minded are those who are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. It's actually more likely those who have a strong imagination, who are creative or stubborn willed that will be successful subjects.

I’ll disclose too much information.

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Soundless Fireworks! All the Beauty, No Scary Bangs!

For some people the whizzing and banging of fireworks are part of the fun, but for others, particularly those with auditory sensitivity, sufferers of PTSD or pet owners who’s animals get confused, nervous and stressed, the fireworks season brings with it a stressful few months. There are of course a few coping mechanisms available such as playing music to drown out and distract from the sudden noises, or making sure doors and windows are closed during organised local displays, but with fireworks being so readily available to buy, and it is becoming a growing trend for private parties to have a display, it’s not always possible to be prepared. It’s well known that pets have more sensitive hearing than humans (can you hear a dog whistle? Do you know when there’s a squirrel in the tree 100ft away? Your dog does) and loud sudden noises have lead to suffering from acoustic stress with symptoms ranging from nervousness to tremours and cardiac problems.

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Turmeric Tea Recipe

With the winters nights drawing in and it getting chilly you may be looking for a nice cozy drink that isn't a pumpkin latte doesn't give you a coffee buzz...may I introduce to you...Turmeric Tea I was first introduced to Turmeric tea (or a Golden latte as it was called) by one of my favourite coffee houses. I don’t drink coffee, and after an exhausting day of meetings, being cold and soaked by rain that would have frightened Noah, I arrived at my final meeting of the day ready to order yet another cup of tea. I really couldn’t face another cup of tea. So, the staff suggested a golden latte and listed off the ingredients, I won’t lie, I didn’t listen to them, I was just happy to try something new. And it was lovely. Warm and cozy, sweet from the coconut milk and with just enough kick from the turmeric that it boosted my brain enough to get through my meeting. That was from then on, my new favourite drink. But my once a week meeting wasn’t enough for me. As well as knowing …
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What is a Focus Wheel?

For those who are familiar with Esther and Jerry Hicks' work promoting the teachings of Abraham you may also be familiar with the concept of a Focus Wheel.

For those who are not, or who are new to the concept, the focus wheel is a way of focusing your mind in order to develop clarity on a particular subject.


What is it used for?

The focus wheel is a law of attraction exercise that you can do daily or whenever the need arises to raise your vibrational frequency and attract more positive energy to you, and more specifically around a subject that may have been having doubts.

How does it work?

Well in simple terms you are creating a wheel of positive or encouraging beliefs about a subject that needs to gather more clarity. It’s creating a wheel of positive thoughts s…

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Let Music Make Your Day Better

For most of us, Music can play an important role in improving our mood. It can bring back memories of happy times, it can make you smile and get your body moving even during the darkest of days, so why not create a playlist of your favourite feel good songs?

We have…

Some will be a good sing song in the car, some will get the motivation flowing, some are just relaxing, and some make us want to dance around the room. There’s a bit of a mix. We hope you will be inspired by some of our favourites to create your own feel good awesomeness mix.

Put it on your phone, create it on Youtube or Spotify or go old school and create a mixed tape (Ok, CD, nobody has a tape deck anymore)

Ours is being added to all the time, so to give you a kickstart, we’d like to share it with you below:

Shiny Happy People - R…
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