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About Joyous Source

Why Joyous Source?

We believe that health should be our default state and that the best way to find and maintain our health is to find what works for our individual bodies.
Maintaining good practice, fueling and healing our bodies properly and through working with practitioners who want to make you better rather than mask symptoms with medication.
Making small changes in one area can also benefit other areas of your life and help you life the healthy life you deserve.

How do we do it?

Joyous Source provides information on ways you can improve your health, through our own articles and also from the contributions from other heath practitioners.

If you would like to write for us, check out our writers info.

We also provide a platform for practitioners to promote themselves so you can easily find practitioners local to you.

List Your Business…

As a dedicated platform, all practitioners, therapists, health and wellness products stockists and events. Organisers can list on our easy to navigate directory to showcase their services.
We hope that you find Joyous Source a valuable addition to your marketing efforts.