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Give your bedroom a Fung Shui treatment

A Feng Shui blog by Katie Weber

Beds are one of the most energetically-packed pieces of furniture in our homes. We sleep in them every night, having dreams both sweet and worrisome. Our sick days are often spent in bed, and of course, our closest, most intimate relationship is spent — and symbolized — by a bed. Over time, those soft sheets, comforters, pillows and mattresses absorb a lot of emotion, like tears when we’re upset, joy when we’re cuddling close together, or worry as we lie awake at night unable to sleep because of something on our minds we can’t let go of. These reasons illustrate the many ways a bed absorbs all kinds of energy. It also explains why it’s a good idea to clear your bed and bedroom from time to time. Some of the most significant times to do a clearing of your bed include: Illness Arguments Lack of intimacy Loneliness Death Divorce or breakup Sadness Spates of bad luck No love relation…
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5 Minute Feng Shui Podcast with Katie Weber

We are delighted to see that Katie Weber from the has now started bringing her knowledge to us via Podcast. JOIN KATIE WEBER FOR HER ALL NEW! 5 MINUTE FENG SHUI PODCAST   We all want to improve our lives, right? Whether it’s more money, more love, better health, we just want….more. And we want it to be good. What if things are already great? Who says it can’t be better still. Katie Weber has been publishing the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui e-Zine for over 17 years, and now she’s bringing all her tips and easy to implement ideas to a brand new podcast. Listeners will hear about ways to improve their love lives, their finances, including bringing in more money to their lives, and how to create a life and lifestyle they love. You’ll love her fun and active style!

There’s no boring “Zen-ness” kind of feng shui around here. Oh, no, Katie loves to bring some zing to feng shui.


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Energy Vampires – Feng Shui tips for managing relationships that drain you

A blog by Katie Weber,

A major cause of happiness or unhappiness is often from the the relationships in your life, or the type and kind of people you are around most. The relationships that are giving and caring, feed you and fill up your heart, giving you energy and positive, good feelings. The ones that don’t, frequently drain you and leave you feeling like you’ve been bled dry like a vampire with their energetic fangs stuck in your neck.

It’s important to know that all interactions are simple exchanges of energy. Some give you energy and others drain your energy and emotions.

Those relationships are the energy vampires, people who are stuck in their negative energy and only derive joy out of bringing others into their well of pity, self-loathing, complaining, or drama.

And almost everyone knows someone like that.


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