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How to Register on Joyous Source

Welcome to Joyous Source!

We are delighted that you would like to list your company on Joyous Source, We have tried to make listing your company as simple a process as possible using the steps below.

Step 1

From the homepage, you will need to signup or login.
You will find both buttons in the top right corner of the homepage

Step 2

 When you register for the first time you will have a unique login and password, these are yours and are specific to your account , you will be asked to register an email address, username and password that will be secure to you.

*JoyousSource will store you email address as a security measure so that if you are locked out of your account or forget you password, it can be reset by sending a secure link to your email address.


Step 3

If you already have Login details simply click the LOGIN button and it will ask you for your password to access your account.


Step 4

Once you are logged in you will see your username displayed at the top right of the screen. You can then click the +Create Listing button

Step 5

The first thing you must do is choose the plan you are signing up for.
All plans allow full access and can be paid for monthly or annually. You can also choose if you would like to be featured on the homepage or category main page.


Step 6

You will then be taken to the details page, we recommend filling out as many details as possible so that you make it as easy as possible for your new clients to get in touch.

All listings can list as many categories as are relevant so be sure to list all of your services.

After you contact details we have included a section for media, listings can add up to 5 media items; photographs and short videos. if you have longer videos, blogs, vlogs or links to podcasts that you would like to submit you can create guest posts for additional exposure on the site or send larger files to and a member of the team will upload the content.

Please also include a description, include what your specialties are, if you provide additional services eg, extended opening hours, mobile services or training.

Key words can be included as tags so that you become more searchable on the site. Please include all that are relevant.

Step 7

You will then be taken to an order summary stating the full price.

If you are happy with your selection, the next screen will take you to the page confirming the plan you have chosen.

Our chosen payment provider is Paypal as a worldwide trusted payment method. If you have chosen the correct plan you will then be taken to Paypal’s website where you can sign in or choose to pay by credit or debit card.

That’s it!

You are all set up and your profile is live!

We are delighted to have you listed on Joyous Source x


If you do have any difficulty please do contact the team at