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About Nahla…

Nahlas’ story could be anyone’s, however, it isn’t the trauma of her story that makes her so unique but what she did to change her life afterward.  An inspiration that she passes onto anyone she meets. 

Nahla was 14 years into her corporate career, driven and working an average of 7-7 day.  She met her partner through work and fell in love.  It was a love based on friendship and they, as he often described, were ‘soulmates’.

When her soulmate called and said he thought he was having a heart attack and he would call her back in 10 minutes, she didn’t expect he would never call again and that would, in fact, be the last conversation he would ever have.  From that moment, her life changed forever.

It was a moment of kindness on the beach near their home in her early weeks of grief, that inspired a life led towards helping others.

So after a period of self-reflection, she started to complete the ‘bucket’ list that they had always hoped to complete together.  Traveling the world, meeting incredible people doing extraordinary acts of kindness.

44 Rays of Sunshine

Her beloved grandfather then passed away and from that moment, it was time for her to tell her story of how the end of life can also be the beginning of life.  She wrote ’44 Rays of Sunshine’ and it quickly won the honorable mention for the most inspirational book; in the writers’ digest awards.

In 44 Rays of Sunshine, it gives the reader an enlightened perspective to life, ‘a book that I will reference back to’ was one reader’s comments.  Those who meet her often refer to her story as inspirational as she traveled the world, became a foster carer and set up the ‘kindness movement’ called Sunshine People in the wake of her grief.

Nahla’s ability to connect to all ages through her empathetic and non-judgemental approach is one to be admired but expected when you hear her story. She is a qualified Professional Coach as recognised by the ICF and is also an NLP Master Coach.

Writing for various publications about emotional intelligence and coaching advice, The stories of her travels are inspirational and can be found in various blogs.
If you would like to know more you are welcome to contact her directly on the contact details listed.