Joyous Source FAQs
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The Frequently Asked Questions

What is JoyousSource?

Are you looking to find more information on a therapy? or do you need fo serach for a local practitioner? Joyous Source is dedicated to helping you find the information you want.

A Joyous Source of advertising and a Joyous Source of Information

Why Joyous Source?

We believe that health should be our default state and that the best way to find and maintain our health is to find what works for our individual bodies. Having the information available is key to maintaining good practice, fueling and healing our bodies properly and working with practitioners who want to make you better rather than mask symptoms with medication.

How do I use the site?

Are you looking for a new therapy?
Search for the category or for related terms using the search function or the drop down category page

Looking for info?
We have a number of blogs, articles and shared videos that you can check out, all are contributed by our writers and professionals listing their services on the site so we have a wide range of information. Search by using the search box, related tags or check out our recent articles.

Are you a therapist?
Find out more about listing your services so people can find you.

Are you a blogger or vlogger?
Why not submit a guest article and let more people know about your specialisms!

Who can advertise on JoyousSource?

Joyous Source is open to all alternative therapists, consultants and practitioners, from the spiritual and energy healers to life coaching and laughter yoga classes.

We ONLY allow advertising from listees and featured posts, no external adverts will appear on the site.

How much will the therapies cost?

Prices will vary between therapies and also between therapists. We encourage listees to keep their profile up to date and include price lists on their descriptions.

How much does it cost to list on JoyousSource?

Listing on Joyous source is either £10 per month or our annual £100 for 12 months (two months free)

Can I list my events?

Once registered you can make as many listings as you like for companies, events and courses. Events can be listed for a set period of 31 days.

*You can find our more about listing by visiting out Listing FAQs


How Can I Register?

We endeavour to make listing on JoyousSource as simple a process as possible so once you register or log in to your account, It’s simply just filling out your contact, about you and service details.

We have compiled a short guide HERE